Lindsay Kasprzak

BUFFALO -- It takes a special kind of determination and focus to achieve any personal goal, no matter the subject matter. For Lindsay Kasprzak, it was weight loss. Growing up, Lindsay played sports year-round: basketball, softball, swimming. “In high school, I would eat whatever I wanted,” Lindsay explained. “After being at school all day then

Stephanie Bish

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- It’s never the challenge itself, but the way one responds to the challenge that defines a person. In 2004, Stephanie Bish and her husband, Frank, got into real estate and a year later, they purchased their first rehab property. Frank, a contractor by trade, and Stephanie, a licensed real estate salesperson, formed

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Erika French

BUFFALO – It’s the knock at the door that no mother ever wants. On January 17, 2005, Erika French learned that her son, John Stark, had passed away. John Stark Riding to snowboard at Holliday Valley in his friend’s car, the driver lost control of the vehicle and they slid into on-coming traffic. John died immediately “He

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Wende Paas

BUFFALO – There comes a time in every realtor’s career where the next deal, the next lockbox code, the next contract are no longer important. In Wende Paas’ case, October 15, 2018, was that day. Severe high blood pressure forced Lorie Busch, Wende’s 46-year-old sister, into Immediate Care and later to Erie County Medical Center

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