What Our Agents Are Saying

Mark B.

The technology at Metro Roberts is far superior to that of any other I’ve seen or used

The technology at Metro Roberts is far superior to that of any other I’ve seen or used. It not only helps me stay focused and work efficiently. but more importantly, it helps me generate leads. The way kvCORE integrates with our phones and computers allows us to be in contact with our clients and work anywhere. The best part: at Metro Roberts, we get hands-on training. I have never had an issue that they haven’t helped me through immediately.

Wende P.

He wants us all to succeed

Success comes from not one thing or person alone, but from a partnership of great things & people working together.

It starts with a company built on a solid foundation, that prides itself on truth, and is raised up by the strength of its individuals, each empowered and given value and worth each deserves, at the time they are welcomed in.

This last piece of the puzzle is what I’ve realized is essential to finding happiness and success. I’ll say it again: “EVERY individual is given equal value at the time they enter.”

That means you are important to them when you come in thru their door, not when you are one foot out the door. This is what WNY Metro Roberts is about. Value. Equality. Motivation. Trust.
Let me explain why it’s important to me and my success…

When you enter a company, you are given a pay rate based on how the company pays. This should be it. Everyone gets the same pay options to follow, no secret. Everyone has the same chance to achieve more, no secrets. When payment is not based on sales achievement following the company handbook and it’s based on anything different, then it’s unfair to those who work the hardest and earn different pay. It creates secrets amongst each other & distrust for the company. Unity is broken. Morale and happiness suffer.

Working for a company that wants us all to have an equal chance at success and puts our success at the top of the list is important to me. Jim Roberts cares about his people. Jim wants to give more to his people & reward them when they earn it. There are no secrets. There is no “catch”. He wants us all to succeed. He puts the people that make his company first, on the first day and every day!

When you have happy individuals that want to work and feel truly appreciated, and when you have trust, then you have created a solid foundation. Along with the right tools and a great reputation, you have the secrets to success for a very long time!

Deborah S.

His generosity surpasses many others in his position

I have been with Metro Roberts Realty and Jim Roberts for over 3 years. Being a Broker /Associate for over 20 years I have many choices as to where to bring my business.  I chose Metro Roberts because I had heard so many great things about the Broker/Owner Jim Roberts.  He was fair, creative, and most of all; “A hands on Broker”.  Metro Roberts is more than a real estate office.  It’s a family you join.  Jim takes you and gives you as little or as much as you want from him and the staff.

I recall my interview with him. I said I didn’t want floor time, or a desk, I wasn’t able to attend meetings, I just wanted someplace to hold my license and let me make money for you.  He said whatever you need we are here for you.  His generosity surpasses many others in his position. So here is where I am and I am so proud to call Metro Roberts my home.

Donna J.

Always there to help you, stand behind you and be there

“We’re not just a business- we’re a family” . This statement is so true when you work for Metro Roberts real estate. Jim Roberts, office staff & sales agents are always there to help you, stand behind you and be there whenever you need help with any kind of issue. Call Jim and he returns your call within minutes, call the office and someone is always there to answer any questions you have, and ask any agent for help with contracts or an open house and they are always there to lend a helping hand. That’s what family members do for each other, help, cooperate and be there for each other & that’s what all Metro Roberts employees do for each other……we’re a family.

Hope Y.

I’d Encourage Agents to join the Metro Roberts Team

It’s A Business. It’s A Family. When you’re looking for a Home…Family makes sense.

Jim Roberts, Rose DeGeorge & the Metro family provides me with the support, tools & training that allow me to grow & strengthen my real estate business. The stronger I am the better I service my client. When I say 90%, Agents can’t believe it.

As a Metro Roberts Agent, the Metro Roberts Family never forgets I have a Family therefore I am Compensated for my effort & experience.

I am Empowered to expand on Marketing Methods, Sales Technique, and Service Delivery. I’ve been in real estate for 20 years but I found my real estate Home with Metro Roberts Realty.

I’m here to do my part in the Family to expand Metro Roberts & I’d Encourage Agents to join the Metro Roberts Team.

Sharon W.

I only wish I started with Metro Roberts

I’m proud to be a Metro Roberts agent! When I first got my real estate license I was with another brokerage. As a new agent I wasn’t sure what I should be doing and how I would get buyers and sellers. Not only that, but how do I even get started? I struggled for 2yrs, until becoming very frustrated then I switched over to Metro Roberts. The move was like a breathe of fresh air. I noticed right off that Metro Roberts is a family, truly looking to help with YOUR success. Any questions that I had or continue to have I feel very comfortable reaching out to get help. The one question I always get asked is what can I do for you?

The training, one on one meetings, the support is like nothing I experienced before. I now have a goal, know what I should be doing, and how to achieve that goal.

I truly would advise any new agent or agent that is struggling to give Metro Roberts and call, or call me and I will help you get connected to the right people. I only wish I started with Metro Roberts, I’m truly blessed to be a Metro Roberts Agent!

David W.

I have yet to meet a small business owner that cares more about his people than Jim Roberts

I have yet to meet a small business owner that cares more about his people than Jim Roberts. Lot’s of places talk about being a family, Jim lives it.

Sandra J.

It was the best decision/move I have made

I made the move to Metro Roberts Realty two months ago and it was the best decision/move I have made in my real estate career.

I felt welcomed immediately by everyone right from the start. They are very family oriented and the office staff in all of the locations are very accommodating and a great asset, helping with all the paperwork. There are no fees, no charges for signs, paper, etc. One of the coolest perks is the TV show on Saturday mornings, my sellers like the idea of having their properties shown on TV too! Strictly exclusive Metro Roberts Realty!!

The best change has been in my paycheck, everyone likes a raise! A great motivator is the 90% commission rate after selling 1.5 million. Jim Roberts really cares about his agents and getting more money into our pockets- now that’s a breath of fresh air! I will never look back, only forward in my career at Metro Roberts Realty. I anticipate many great things to come with this company!

Erika F.

Love working for Metro Roberts

Love working for Metro Roberts

I joined Metro Roberts a little over 3 years ago, and am so happy here.

I have worked for the big guys and the small companies. I have been in the business for 26 years. I average 2-2.5 million in volume. And have been very consistent in sales.

I was instantly impressed at the amount of services that the company offers both to their clients and to the agents. From the tv show to the Thank a Vet program and the showing service. The company covers our E&O insurance, signs, on top of that if an agent sells over 1.5 million that agent gets 90% of the commission. That is unheard of.

Our company offers education and classes for new agents as well as seasoned agents. The support staff from the secretaries to the owner of the company are always available and excellent and knowledgeable.

The company is also involved giving back to the community. They have held blood drives for UNYTS and participated in the AIDS walk.

I have made more money with Metro Roberts than I have ever made with any other company. Their logo is we are not just a business, we are family, and it is so true. If you want to work for a company that gives 100% support to their agents, gives back to the community and truly appreciates their agents then this is the company for you.

Castro S.

It’s a beautiful feeling when you get paid to do something you enjoy

It’s a beautiful feeling when you get paid to do something you enjoy. And it’s even better when the company you work for makes you feel at home, valued and respected. Metro Roberts has been with me every step of the way in my real estate journey with sound advice and comprehensive support. Plus, the incentives are plentiful from the free showing service, 90% commission after 1.5 Million in sales volume, great advertising on multiple popular venues, and a wonderful open-door policy with management for any questions that may arise. I am blessed to be part of the Metro Roberts team.

Always have a Good Living

Stephanie B.

Metro Roberts has been the best company I have ever worked with

Metro Roberts has been the best company I have ever worked with in my employment years!!! By far….Not only are we like minded in our career, we are family. Pride ourselves in building each other up and helping each other grow!!! I could not be happier and consider myself blessed to be a part of an amazing company, along with MANY amazing individuals whom I care and appreciate very much. From one happy Full Time Realtor!!

Beverly S.

This is the Best Move I Have Ever Made !!!

I have been a licensed agent for over 30 years and have worked with some of the ‘big name’ franchises and some independent companies and most recently with a high commission agency – both as management and as an administrative assistant in a couple of the companies.

My decision to come to Metro Roberts this past spring has been one of the best decisions I have made in my long lifetime career – I talked with Jim Roberts a couple of times on the phone in the spring of 2016 – and I was super impressed with all he and his company had to offer to SELLERS, I just could not believe it, a TV show, U-tube, virtual tour, media specialist for all our social media presentations and more!! For BUYERS there is the VA program and for the AGENTS they offer no cost signs, business cards, listing book, a great office base, along with seminars, training, everything we need regarding forms etc. in easy to use Dropbox – among many other benefits . Rose DeGeorge, office manager, has answered our questions, been so helpful with so many things and helped make our transition to Metro Roberts easy and seamless. The free Showing Service …. and now with the 1.5 million cap for 90% – OMG – what a great deal for agents !!! There should be nothing holding agents back from joining Metro Roberts :)

I love working here – agents are helpful and easy to talk with and work with – broker and management are super receptive to everything we want to talk about — this is the Best Move I Have Ever Made !!!

Tom O.

Remember working for Metro Roberts is not a job, but a great career, in a family like environment!!

It is with great pleasure that I write a testimonial for Metro Roberts Realty.

Having been involved with Metro Roberts since 8-1-14 I have been happy to say that after many, many years in the workforce I finally have a career. The training and resources you offer at Metro Roberts are second to none.

Jim Roberts and Rose DeGeorge have been a constant source of support and encouragement for me from day one. I did come on board with a Real Estate background but at 55 years old needed to be encouraged that I could get back in the game.

2015 was a dynamic year and I utilized all the resources offered at Metro Roberts. I closed the year closer to $4,500,O00 ranking number 3 in the Metro Organization.

Jim and Rose encouraged and pushed me harder.

Early in 2016 I met with Rose to set my goals for the year.

I ended up ranking number 2 in the Metro Organization with 71 transactions and $8,076,000 in closed sales. The encouragement from Jim and Rose was beyond belief.

In closing I would be happy to talk to or assist any agent already with Metro Roberts or considering coming on board. My door is always open just like Jim and Rose’s door was for me. Remember working for Metro Roberts is not a job, but a great career, in a family like environment!!

Dannielle K.

A Very Happy Real Estate Agent!

I have been a full time Real Estate Agent for 5+ years and have recently joined the Metro Roberts family. Before making the switch, I did a fair amount of research on other local companies and found Metro Roberts Realty has the most to offer their agents with their valuable marketing tools, extensive training, showing service; free of charge, NO FEE guarantee and the CAP Advantage program to give a 90% commission split to all of their agents that make over 1.5 million in sales; with that being said, this keeps the money in their agent’s hands and not the company. Not only was this the right fit for me, the transition was smooth and my team members were very welcoming and supportive. “We not just a business – we’re a family” says it all!