Wende Paas

Success comes from not one thing or person alone, but from a partnership of great things & people working together.

It starts with a company built on a solid foundation, that prides itself on truth, and is raised up by the strength of its individuals, each empowered and given value and worth each deserves, at the time they are welcomed in.

This last piece of the puzzle is what I’ve realized is essential to finding happiness and success.  I’ll say it again: “EVERY individual is given equal value at the time they enter.”

That means you are important to them when you come in thru their door, not when you are one foot out the door. This is what WNY Metro Roberts is about. Value. Equality. Motivation. Trust.

Let me explain why it’s important to me and my success…

When you enter a company, you are given a pay rate based on how the company pays. This should be it. Everyone gets the same pay options to follow, no secret. Everyone has the same chance to achieve more, no secrets. When payment is not based on sales achievement following the company handbook and it’s based on anything different, then it’s unfair to those who work the hardest and earn different pay. It creates secrets amongst each other & distrust for the company. Unity is broken. Morale and happiness suffer.

Working for a company that wants us all to have an equal chance at success and puts our success at the top of the list is important to me. Jim Roberts cares about his people. Jim wants to give more to his people & reward them when they earn it. There are no secrets. There is no “catch”. He wants us all to succeed. He puts the people that make his company first, on the first day and every day!

When you have happy individuals that want to work and feel truly appreciated, and when you have trust, then you have created a solid foundation. Along with the right tools and a great reputation, you have the secrets to success for a very long time!

True story!
Wende Paas