It is with great pleasure that I write a testimonial for Metro Roberts Realty.

Having been involved with Metro Roberts since 8-1-14 I have been happy to say that after many, many years in the workforce I finally have a career. The training and resources you offer at Metro Roberts are second to none.

Jim Roberts and Rose DeGeorge have been a constant source of support and encouragement for me from day one. I did come on board with a Real Estate background but at 55 years old needed to be encouraged that I could get back in the game.

2015 was a dynamic year and I utilized all the resources offered at Metro Roberts. I closed the year closer to $4,500,O00 ranking number 3 in the Metro Organization.

Jim and Rose encouraged and pushed me harder.

Early in 2016 I met with Rose to set my goals for the year.

I ended up ranking number 2 in the Metro Organization with 71 transactions and $8,076,000 in closed sales. The encouragement from Jim and Rose was beyond belief.

In closing I would be happy to talk to or assist any agent already with Metro Roberts or considering coming on board. My door is always open just like Jim and Rose’s door was for me. Remember working for Metro Roberts is not a job, but a great career, in a family like environment!!

Tom O.