I’m proud to be a Metro Roberts agent! When I first got my real estate license I was with another brokerage. As a new agent I wasn’t sure what I should be doing and how I would get buyers and sellers. Not only that, but how do I even get started? I struggled for 2yrs, until becoming very frustrated then I switched over to Metro Roberts. The move was like a breathe of fresh air. I noticed right off that Metro Roberts is a family, truly looking to help with YOUR success. Any questions that I had or continue to have I feel very comfortable reaching out to get help. The one question I always get asked is what can I do for you?

The training, one on one meetings, the support is like nothing I experienced before. I now have a goal, know what I should be doing, and how to achieve that goal.

I truly would advise any new agent or agent that is struggling to give Metro Roberts and call, or call me and I will help you get connected to the right people. I only wish I started with Metro Roberts, I’m truly blessed to be a Metro Roberts Agent!

Sharon W.