He wants us all to succeed

Success comes from not one thing or person alone, but from a partnership of great things & people working together. It starts with a company built on a solid foundation, that prides itself on truth, and is raised up by the strength of its individuals, each empowered and given value and worth each deserves, at

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His generosity surpasses many others in his position

I have been with Metro Roberts Realty and Jim Roberts for over 3 years. Being a Broker /Associate for over 20 years I have many choices as to where to bring my business.  I chose Metro Roberts because I had heard so many great things about the Broker/Owner Jim Roberts.  He was fair, creative, and

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Always there to help you, stand behind you and be there

“We’re not just a business- we’re a family” . This statement is so true when you work for Metro Roberts real estate. Jim Roberts, office staff & sales agents are always there to help you, stand behind you and be there whenever you need help with any kind of issue. Call Jim and he returns

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I’d Encourage Agents to join the Metro Roberts Team

It's A Business. It's A Family. When you're looking for a Home...Family makes sense. Jim Roberts, Rose DeGeorge & the Metro family provides me with the support, tools & training that allow me to grow & strengthen my real estate business. The stronger I am the better I service my client. When I say 90%,

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I only wish I started with Metro Roberts

I'm proud to be a Metro Roberts agent! When I first got my real estate license I was with another brokerage. As a new agent I wasn't sure what I should be doing and how I would get buyers and sellers. Not only that, but how do I even get started? I struggled for 2yrs,

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It was the best decision/move I have made

I made the move to Metro Roberts Realty two months ago and it was the best decision/move I have made in my real estate career. I felt welcomed immediately by everyone right from the start. They are very family oriented and the office staff in all of the locations are very accommodating and a great

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Love working for Metro Roberts

Love working for Metro Roberts I joined Metro Roberts a little over 3 years ago, and am so happy here. I have worked for the big guys and the small companies. I have been in the business for 26 years. I average 2-2.5 million in volume. And have been very consistent in sales. I was

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