Planning a Move

When it comes to relocating, there are two questions that are most important, “Do I want to move myself or Do I want to pay for a moving service?”. Either way, this should be an ongoing process when selling a home. In many cases a combination of both methods is what works best for selling a home and there are also other options to consider.

Since the process of selling your home includes showing it, it is important to declutter your home. This includes getting rid of unnecessary furniture and appliances as well as family pictures and other non essential items (see our showing your home section). In this case, doing a little assessment of items before moving might be the best solution.

There are a number of portable container services available these days which include shipping to a new home. Small personal items and some larger ones as well can be removed from your home, packed in the container and sent either on their way, or to a storage location while you are in the process of showing your home.

Another option is local self storage units. Either way, it is important to clear out non-essential things in your home while you are in the selling process.

Once you close on your home, it is up to you to decide what your moving needs are. Two important considerations are: how far will you be moving and how much stuff you actually have to move. Local moves can usually be accomplished by renting a box truck and making as many trips as necessary. These deals can be quite affordable. If however, you have a lot of stuff and need to go a long distance, big truck moving companies might be the way to go.

It comes down to how much time money and effort you are willing to invest in your move. Whatever balance is right for you, there are moving options for you, just be sure to insure your stuff!